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Episode 1
19:33 minutes

Malcolm Gladwell joins host Dr. Eric Lander for a conversation about science, society, and how the decisions we make today will impact generations to come.

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Episode 2
71:22 minutes

It’s getting easy to create convincing—but false—videos through artificial intelligence. When seeing is not believing, who can we trust, and can democracy and truth survive?

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Episode 3
57:48 minutes

With the impacts of climate change accelerating, could altering the Earth’s atmosphere to reflect back some of the sun’s rays be a solution?

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Episode 4
63:26 minutes

Robots that can select and engage targets without human intervention are fast becoming possible. Some think they might minimize casualties and protect civilians in times of war. But is it morally wrong to put a computer in charge of life or death decisions?

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Episode 5
75:30 minutes

AI is letting us make predictive algorithms that translate languages and spot diseases as well or better than humans. But do computers trained on vast datasets of human experience learn human biases? Is it possible to create an algorithm that is fair for everyone?

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Episode 6
73 minutes

A new technology, called gene drives, might let us restore ecosystems and save millions of children from dying of malaria. But could altering nature in this way, and on this scale, have unintended consequences?

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Episode 7
31:27 minutes

How can we come together to tackle big challenges in science and society?